Thursday, March 19, 2020


Good morning Y5! 

It’s Father’s day in Spain today! Here’s a song you can enjoy together: boom DAD a boom

 Our lessons today are: Maths, Spanish, Literacy, Science and PSHE 

10 a Day Complete THURSDAYS activity.
8 x tables chant 

L.O  Naming and describing quadrilaterals.
REMEMBER: There are 3 types of angles: acute, obtuse and reflex watch this!
Watch this video to learn more about quadrilaterals The word TRAPEZOID (American) also means TRAPEZIUM (English).

Now complete: Abacus Maths p66 QUADRILATERALS  and learn the new voacabulary.
Draw each shape and label it's properties... including the angles!

SPANISH - see Miss Fefi's blog

Time to have a break and a healthy snack! 

1. Spellings: Copy out the spellings into THURSDAYS column.
   Look at each word and spell it out loud...write it in the air with your finger!
2. Direct Speech p10. Copy the sentences in your best handwriting and underline the actual spoken words. click here

Portal story planning sheet  Yesterday you planned the Problem and the Resolution. Today, write detailed paragraphs for the Problem and the Resolution!
Try to include:
·         Fronted adverbials (time or place)
·         Commas in a list (to separate adjectives & adverbs)
·         Direct speech

Time for a brain brain...Lets Banana, Banana, Meatball!!! 

Look at the powerpoint sides 9-the last one! powerpoint
Irreversible changes experiments I hope you have these items in the kitchen! Write down your observations on the worksheet. Look and describe what you see carefully!

If you did these on Monday... have a go at this: Make a poster about reversible and irreversible changes.

Lunch Time...half way there!

Read through this booklet all about the Corona Virus.  Think about the questions asked and discuss these with an adult. Remember to keep your hands clean using soap and water! 

READING: (MINUMUM 15 MINUTES) Enjoy your ORT book or library book!

That's it for today folks...great work let's dance about it!!! BYE BYE!!!

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