Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014 at Canterbury School.
This term we will be studying Water as a Topic. We will also be looking at Mapping Skills which will include me setting up an Orienteering Course for P4. They will have to use compasses and maps to complete the course. Should be fun! The Science is linked to the Water Topic as we look at Gases, Solids and Liquids including Evaporation. In PE we are practising the skills of throwing, catching and hitting, these skills will be used in games of Quick Cricket.
Topics in Numeracy include Percentages, Fractions, Handling Data and Graphs. In Literacy we are looking at How Playscripts are written, Poetry and Alliteration.
Homework is an importanr part of Canterbury School Life and we ask that it is completed on time as most usually is.
Mr Phil

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