Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year

Welcome back to school everyone, I hope you all have enjoyed Christmas, New Year and Kings Day. 
This is just a quick reminder of how we structure homework and reading in P4 and a brief introduction into what work we will be doing this term.
We are now starting Term Twos spellings, every Monday we will have a lesson based on the spellings, then children will be expected to copy the spellings at least 5 times and write a sentence for each spelling word.  This is then due back in the following Monday. They will then be tested on The spellings. 

Every Friday they will have to do one Mental Maths sheet (Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs), these will be handed out this Friday for the whole term, which has to be handed in the following Friday.  They have a 20 question mental maths test every Thursday based on classwork and the mental math sheets set as homework.
Also on a Friday they will be given homework sheets based on English spelling and grammar,as well as core mathematic skills.  These have to be brought into school every Friday. 

Every child has a homework folder which should contain:
How to do homework sheet
Spelling lists
Mental maths fact sheets
Maths operations and fractions sheets
All previous homeworks
Mental maths homework sheets.
If anything is missing speak to me and I can reprint any necessary papers.

This term we will be doing the following topics:

LITERACY: Poetry, Film narrative, Dramatic conventions and significant authors.
NUMERACY: Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, money, problem solving, decimals, sequencing and patterns, using a calculator, data handling, measures, angles, coordinates and translations, Time, Rounding, area and perimeter, Fractions, percentages and scales.
SCIENCE: Gases, Changing States
GEOGRAPHY: Water and Mapping skills
D&T/ART: Containers and Bread
ICT: Spreadsheets and to reinforce other subject areas.

I will try to write regularly to explain what work we are currently doing and include some links to websites for extra help.

If you have any problems or concerns, please speak to me at the end of school or write a comment in homework diaries, making sure that these are shown to me.


Happy New Year

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