Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Canary Week 2020

This week we are celebrating everything Canarian!

I set the pupils the many challenges to explore the Canarian culture and traditions.

One challenge was to make a very traditional desert often eaten on Canary Day prepared with local produce found on the island. Can you guess what we make?

Check out these videos to find out more! have a go at making some yourself!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020



Today all work tasks are set on EDMODO.

The Edmodo network enables teachers to share content, distribute quizzes, assignments, and manage communication with students, colleagues, and parents.

Please check your email to accept your invite and access code to add your child.

Miss Paula 😀

If you can't upload please send me a message...this is all new!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mon 23rd March

Good morning,
Wake up and shake up to HAPPY

Welcome to week 2 of home learning! Thank you for all your work sent over the weekend. Remember to use your learning muscles - concentrate, have a go and be curious!

If you are unable to print at home, take a picture and email it to me at

Here are you lessons for today:

If you can, watch NEWSROUND.  This is a BBC news website designed for children.
It will keep you up to date with all the world news and what is happening right now in the U.K

8 x tables rap  10 a day write down the 8 and 9  and repeat!

L.O multiplying fractions by a whole number. Watch how to do it!
Maths work today is multiplying fractions by whole numbers

METHOD: multiply the numerator (top number)  with the whole number. 
The answer will be an IMPROPER FRACTION because the numerator (top number) is larger than the denominator (bottom number!)

e.g 4 x 2/3=?          4 x 2= 8  so we have 8/3 altogeher!  

Spanish: see miss Fefi's blog

HAVE A BREAK AND A SNACK (rememeber to wash your hands!)

weekly spellings The rule is I before E, except after C. 
Copy each word as usual. Use a dictionary (paper or online) to check the definition of any words you don't know. write them down so you remember!

Discussion Texts: This week we will study discussion writing. In this genre of writing, people share facts and opinions. I will set you a question later in the week for you to 'Discuss'.

The first Discussion text is called; DOGS MAKE THE BEST PETS read it all!
What do you think? Do you agree with these opinions/ arguments? 
Identify the main points of this discussion /argument and write them on this DISCUSSION PLANNER 

IT'S LUNCH TIME...(remember to wash your hands!) 

Our new topic is called FORCES watch this powerpoint called FABULOUS FORCES 
Then complete this forces in action. (The answers are on page 2 parents!)

Well done everyone...that's the end of our school day...time to twist and shout!

See you all tomorrow,
Miss Paula 

Thursday, March 19, 2020


Good morning everyone,

We've reached the end of our first week of distance learning! I would like to thank everyone who has completed the tasks and emailed them back to me. A massive well done!

Lets start with the Corona Virus GAME  I hope you wash your hands enough throughout the day to beat the virus!!!

It's friday-time to JUMP!

Todays lessons are: Literacy, Maths, Spanish, TEFL and  Topic 

Spend time reading your story so will it all end? Look at your PORTAL's time to plan the conclusion. Make sure your characters escape and find the portal back to their 'ordinary' world. Which object will they take back with them?  Do they find the portal again?
Once you have finished planning, take your time to write a wonderful conclusion. Don't forget to use your polishing purple pens to 'wow' up your writing when you finish.

Mental maths test. Give yourself 10 mins to complete the following questions:  
3/8 of 64
 ¾ of 160
3/7 of 210 
 4/5 of 1000 
3/9 of 810
Find 50 percent by partitioning:
Divide 816 by 9
Divide 489 by 6

SNACK TIME- What will you choose today? Don't forget to wash your hands.


Time to MOVE IT before we begin the next lesson!

Spelling test: Find your spelling sheet and ask someone to test you... Good Luck!!!
TEFL: Today we are going to revise Relative Clauses. Take a look at this interesting video
Remember the words, who, that, which and whose? They allow writers to create more detail about a character, object or a place!
Complete the RELATIVE CLAUSES task, taking pride in your presentation..don't forget the comma!
read the words out loud to practise pronunciation and fluency!

LUNCH TIME - You made wash your hands and have a bite to eat!

Roman Roads...Did you know that the Romans built roads? As they were conquering the world they also built roads on their way! Was there anything they couldn't do? 
Most of the Roads built in the U.K were actually constructed by the Romans and still stand today! can you find them on the MAP

Find out how ROMAN ROADS were built and see if you can answer the questions!

You've finished for today, remember to wash your hands frequently to eliminate the virus? 

Lets dance; It's Friday! Have a lovely weekend everyone...KEEP WASHING YOUR HANDS!


Good morning Y5! 

It’s Father’s day in Spain today! Here’s a song you can enjoy together: boom DAD a boom

 Our lessons today are: Maths, Spanish, Literacy, Science and PSHE 

10 a Day Complete THURSDAYS activity.
8 x tables chant 

L.O  Naming and describing quadrilaterals.
REMEMBER: There are 3 types of angles: acute, obtuse and reflex watch this!
Watch this video to learn more about quadrilaterals The word TRAPEZOID (American) also means TRAPEZIUM (English).

Now complete: Abacus Maths p66 QUADRILATERALS  and learn the new voacabulary.
Draw each shape and label it's properties... including the angles!

SPANISH - see Miss Fefi's blog

Time to have a break and a healthy snack! 

1. Spellings: Copy out the spellings into THURSDAYS column.
   Look at each word and spell it out loud...write it in the air with your finger!
2. Direct Speech p10. Copy the sentences in your best handwriting and underline the actual spoken words. click here

Portal story planning sheet  Yesterday you planned the Problem and the Resolution. Today, write detailed paragraphs for the Problem and the Resolution!
Try to include:
·         Fronted adverbials (time or place)
·         Commas in a list (to separate adjectives & adverbs)
·         Direct speech

Time for a brain brain...Lets Banana, Banana, Meatball!!! 

Look at the powerpoint sides 9-the last one! powerpoint
Irreversible changes experiments I hope you have these items in the kitchen! Write down your observations on the worksheet. Look and describe what you see carefully!

If you did these on Monday... have a go at this: Make a poster about reversible and irreversible changes.

Lunch Time...half way there!

Read through this booklet all about the Corona Virus.  Think about the questions asked and discuss these with an adult. Remember to keep your hands clean using soap and water! 

READING: (MINUMUM 15 MINUTES) Enjoy your ORT book or library book!

That's it for today folks...great work let's dance about it!!! BYE BYE!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Good morning Y5 children and parents!

I was happy to read all your emails keep up with the great work !!!

Its wake up and shake up time - lets  twist and shout

 Our lessons today are: Maths, Spanish, Literacy, reading comprehension and Father’s day crafts  Please remember to do what you can!

MATHS 10 a Day Complete WEDNESDAYS  activity.
9 x tables with  TODD AND ZIGGY!
L.O  Understanding Roman Numerals.
Read this Roman Numerals chart  and see if you can calculate the Roman Numerals!

SPANISH - see Miss Fefi's blog!

Time to have a break and a healthy snack! 

1. Spellings Copy out the spellings for in Wednesdays column. Do you know what each word means? Check that you remember then find the definition for those you have forgotten in a dictionary.  
2. PORTAL TALES: Read this example to inspire some writing: Portal Tale 
Portal story planning sheet  Plan the Problem and the Resolution. Use the example ideas in the planning sheet if you have a writer’s block! 

Today, try to use some fronted adverbials and commas in a list (to separate adjectives / create a fast pace in your story!)
Think about how the main character feels as they are being chased whilst trying to find the portal home. *Use empathy and your 5 senses to inform the reader!!!  

Time to have a break:  

Remember to read the text TWICE before you answer the questions in full sentences. Always refer back to the text...the answer will be there!

Lunch Time!

DESIGN TECHNOLOGY: March 19th is Father’s day! 

Design and make a card for your Dad to show him know much you love him! Why not recycle an empty cereal box if you can’t find any card? Don't forget to write inside!
Click on this link for Father's Day craft ideas 

Why not make him a cool gift too!  MY DAD ROCKS

READING: (MINUMUM 15 MINUTES) Enjoy your ORT book or library book!

WOW, you've finshed all your work for the day ...lets celebrate with THE EYE OF THE TIGER

Hasta Lluego!!!! 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Tuesday 17th March

Good morning Y5 children and parents!

How are you all feeling today?
Lets  wake up and shakeup together! BOOM CHICA BOOM

Our lessons today are: Maths, Spanish, Literacy, Topic and ART   (one hour per subject)
Please do what you can remember it is not obligatory to complete all of the work!!!

MATHS 10 a Day Complete Tuesdays activity.
8 x tables rap
L.O Properties of polygons Abacus maths;  Properties of polygons then more polygons.

SPANISH - see Miss Fefi's blog!

Time to have a break and a healthy snack! 

1. Spellings Copy out the spellings on the sheet of paper, remember to form your letters clearly. Generate sentences orally and say them out loud!!!
Portal story planning sheet  If this is your first day of home learning, use this plan to invent your own portal story. THEN have a go at writing the build up an introduction!

If you did that yesterday,  plan and write the PROBLEM.

Time to have a break:  I got a feeling - wake up shake up 2!

TOPIC THE ROMANS: ROMAN SOLDIERS POWERPOINT Read to find out about how important they became in Roman society. They did many wonderful things!
Soldier activity  A Roman Soldier Learn all about the armour a soldier had to wear and take care of!

Lunch Time!

ART  Roman Mosaics Powerpoint
mosaic colouring sheet   If you can't print at home, find an old magazine and cut the pages into small squares. Sort the squares into colour groups and stick them onto paper to create a mosaic!

READING: (MINUMUM 15 MINUTES) Enjoy your ORT book or library book!